About Us

Our Purpose

Bringing the best wellness technology products to consumers to elevate their wellness journey.

Our Vision

Transforming the way people use technology for wellness purposes by bridging the gap between technology and fitness to create a fuller experience.

Our Story

GoodWellness.ca is a Canadian based operation that seeks to deliver the newest and most notable tech wellness products to our clients. The wellness journey is never an easy one, but we believe that with the right tools it can be more efficient and effective. The more you can understand your successes and struggles, the better your outcome will be.

Whether it be tracking devices, measurement tools, fitness products, or equipment, cutting edge wellness tools have the ability to drastically change the way you work on wellness. We’ve started with just a few products that we know are the highest quality in their respective industries in the hopes that they drive you to higher rates of success. Moving forward, we seek to bring you even more options and opportunities to use wellness technology to power yourself further.

Our Values

We believe that maintaining the health of our bodies is what allows us to live our lives to the fullest. You only get one body, and it’s up to every individual to give themselves the most opportunities to keep that body happy. We value the hard work that individuals do to make wellness a priority. We value the creative approaches that individuals take to incorporate wellness principles into their daily lives. Above all, we value the importance of wellness and healthy living that can launch happier lives.

Our Products In Action

Check out the videos below to see some of our products in action –  InBody H20N and PUSH Stadiometer.

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